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How Parents Can Make Halloween Safer

October 4, 2019

Protect your children and the trick-or-treaters that visit your house by changing your holiday habits.

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s a priority to make it a fun and safe experience for children. As a parent, there are many ways you can do just that. Most involve minimal time and financial commitment from you but work great to give you extra peace of mind. Within minutes, you’re able to transform the environment that children trick-or-treat in by making it safer and more enjoyable overall.

The following suggestions are ones that you can implement easily and within record time. As with anything involving children, it’s best to anticipate the unexpected. By planning ahead, you’re able to avoid many of the situations that could potentially make Halloween less fun. Best of all, you’ll be ready to reduce risks by simply investing in a supply of Voniko batteries to use this Halloween season. 

Use LED Battery-Operated Lights for Pumpkins
Use LED lights powered by alkaline C batteries instead of candles in jack-o-lanterns. It’s far safer and more cost-effective to do so. LED lights fully illuminate the inside of pumpkins, perhaps even better than candles. They can be turned off during the day and turned on at night to preserve battery life. You’ll get the same effect that you would have obtained from tealights but without the risk of them getting knocked over and causing a fire.

Placing the lights inside the pumpkins is far safer than using candles in them. Additionally, you’re able to use them again for future Halloween décor. LEDs cast a brilliant glow that adds to the spirit of the holiday. As people pass your porch, they’ll see the intricate patterns you cut into the jack-o-lanterns.

Illuminate Your Walkway with Festive, Battery-Powered Lanterns
Invest in AA bulk batteries before Halloween comes along. This way, you’ll have plenty on hand to keep your pathway illuminated for the holiday. Plus, the warm glow from the battery-powered lanterns really adds to the mysterious spirit of Halloween. Replenish the batteries as needed by having a bulk supply on hand. Voniko Ultra Alkaline Batteries work in extreme temperatures, are lead, mercury, and cadmium-free, and have six to nine times the power of ordinary carbon batteries.

Longevity is vital especially if you opt to decorate weeks in advance. You’ll want the lanterns to remain as bright as they were the first day that you turned them on. Even as the temperature drops, you won’t need to worry about the batteries that you’re using in the lanterns if you opt to purchase the Voniko brand. They’ll continue to work even when it’s colder outside.

Get Flashlights for the Kids to Use While Trick or Treating
Glowsticks can’t do the work of a high-beam flashlight outfitted with the longest-lasting batteries. It’s a tool that can be used more than once, too, making it a wise investment. Small flashlights are more comfortable for children to hold onto and operate. It allows them to see what’s in front and to the sides of them with greater ease as they’re walking the streets on Halloween night. 

Flashlights on breakaway cords powered by AAA bulk batteries are ideal. They keep little ones from being choked by a lanyard that gets caught around something else. Allowing the kids to be in charge of their flashlight ensures that they’ll be more mindful about where they are stepping and where they’re going while walking around. It also allows them to peek inside their treat bags so they can gaze at their treats or alert you when the container is getting full.

Light Up Halloween Costumes with Reflective Tape or Battery-Powered Lights
Some costumes are difficult to see in the dark. To protect your children from accidents, make them as visible as possible before getting them dressed up. There are two ways to do just that, with one of them being reflective tape and the other being battery-powered lights. Many varieties can be sewn into a costume or worn around the neck of the child to provide greater visibility.

It’s also crucial that costumes fit children properly, so they don’t obscure their vision or trip and fall. If the child wears a mask, make sure that the eye holes, nostrils holes, and mouth hole line up correctly. If an elastic band secures it, you may need to adjust it so that it fits the child’s face better. Have them practice walking around your home with the mask on before Halloween so you can alter the costume to make it safer.

Walk-Up to Doors with Your Children
Be the type of parent that leads your children to doorsteps while trick-or-treating, especially if it’s a home you don’t know personally. Doing so reduces trip and fall hazards and also allows you to interact with the adults handing out candy. If you want to join in on the fun, dress up with your kids. You won’t feel out of place that way and can even create a theme around you and your children’s costumes.

People love to see other adults out with kids on Halloween. It makes them feel better about handing out treats and gives them a chance to quickly socialize. Additionally, it’s nice for homeowners to know that there is someone to assist kids while they climb up and down the stairs, as it’s less of a liability for them.

Hold Their Hands While Crossing the Street
This suggestion seems obvious, but accidents happen in an instant. Remain focused on what your kids are doing at all times when near the street. Don’t look at your phone, turn away, or allow your kids to get too far ahead of you. Whenever possible, walk on the sidewalk closest to the street so your children won’t need to.

Pair older kids with younger kids and make them hold hands. This method works very well if you’re traveling in a larger group. You won’t feel like you need to watch everyone like a hawk if you have older children helping you out. Having a few extra adults to trick-or-treat with is also beneficial.

Check All Candy and Treats Before Allowing Kids to Eat Them
It’s important that you thoroughly examine the contents of your kids’ trick-or-treat bags to make sure everything they consume is safe. Throw away questionable items before they have an opportunity to object. If you find something that looks suspicious, bring it to the local police department. They’ll be able to do a more thorough investigation than you can.

If you find unwrapped candies, discard them immediately to avoid consumption. If they look like they’ve been opened or tampered with, toss them in the trash. It’s better to be safe than sorry and to avoid making an unplanned trip to the emergency room. Your kids will have plenty of treats to eat because of all the trick-or-treating that they’ve done with you, so discarding questionable candy won’t be that big of a deal. 

Make This Year’s Halloween Your Safest One Yet
Make Halloween a delightful experience for all. Reduce the number of hazards children encounter when out trick-or-treating by taking the time to follow these simple tips. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the kids out to collect treats or handing out candy at home. There are ways to make October 31st safe for everyone.

By giving up your dependency on candles and switching to C cell batteries, you’re able to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. You may even encourage other adults that know you to do the same. When they see how easy it is to make the switch, they can’t help but want to invest in batteries as well. They’ll save the candles for birthday cakes and use battery-powered lights in jack-o-lanterns going forward.

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