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How People Use Batteries in Their Daily Lives

October 18, 2019

Having a constant source of ready-to-use power benefits the lives of Voniko customers.

As household technologies improve, the need for batteries remains strong. After all, how else do you plan on powering your ideal lifestyle? It’s not enough to buy one pack of batteries these days and hope they’ll last you for the month, either. With so many items requiring additional sources of power, you’ll want to remain stocked up with AA bulk batteries, so your whole family benefits from your purchase.

You’ll also find it convenient to have access to batteries while you’re on-the-go. From the car, you drive to your place of employment, and even in the Great Outdoors, you’re going to need batteries to power the many devices that have become commonplace in your life. If you never want to be in a sticky situation, you’ll consider the importance of investing in Voniko’s Ultra Alkaline Batteries.

They have a 10-year shelf life and are more environmentally-friendly than traditional batteries. Free of lead, mercury, and cadmium, they’re safe for daily use and work in extreme temperatures. Delivering over six to nine times the power of ordinary carbon batteries, the 100 percent leak-proof batteries have patented double-barrier leak protection.

To better illustrate the necessity of batteries in a person’s daily life, let’s explore all the ways they’re used. We’re going to emphasize use at home, for emergencies, while camping and doing outdoor activities, and during the holidays. It’s easy to see the role batteries play in creating ease, comfort, convenience, and memories in our lives.

Family enjoying gaming together

Around the House

One of the places people use batteries the most is at home. The number of battery-operated items in a residence is countless. From the game controller to the TV remote control, no entertainment room is complete without a fresh supply of Voniko batteries. AAs or AAAs power Clocks, digital thermostats, wireless doorbells, and garage door openers. Coffee grinders, electric salt, and pepper grinders, wine openers, and kitchen timers are often battery-operated. So are automatic sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and security cameras in many cases.

For documenting you and your family’s lives, having cameras loaded with fresh batteries is imperative. You’ll also want to replenish the supply in your electronic photo frame. If sharing photos of your family as they do things around the home is essential to you, so is the quality of the batteries you choose to purchase.

Consider how convenient life is because of batteries. They’re small, easy-to-store, and useful. Changing old batteries out for new ones is one way to keep everything powered up and ready to use at any given time. What would you do if the electricity was out and you had no other way to see?

For Emergency Purposes

Creating emergency ‘go-bags’ for the car and office is easy when you consider what things you need most in challenging situations. A flashlight and extra AA bulk batteries are wise to have on hand. It allows you to see in the dark and alert others to your presence in the event of an earthquake or hurricane, as well as if your vehicle broke down at night.

Electronic tire pressure gauges save you time and the frustration of trying to measure the amount of air in your tires at any given moment. Having one in the glove compartment of your vehicle is highly recommended so you will always have the power that goes with you. At least one set of spare batteries should be included with the tire gauge so that you’re never without the ability to check the air pressure on your tires while traveling.

You should always err on the side of caution and store batteries in your car and desk at work. Doing so allows you to swap old batteries for new ones instantly. It also ensures that you have extras within reach if you’re stuck waiting for help for an extended amount of time.

LED flashlights for camping

While Camping and Participating in Outdoor Activities

Triple-A bulk batteries have their place in the great outdoors, especially if you’re not near a constant source of electrical power. If you’re off-the-grid, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of batteries on hand to control your flashlight. You may also use LED camping lanterns and want to supply them with the longest lasting sources of power that you can.

Batteries provide power to weather radios and cordless air compressors. They keep pedometers and fitness trackers working wherever you go. They also supply vital items such as alarm clocks, blood pressure cuffs, fish trackers, and hiker’s GPS devices with ‘the juice’ needed for hours to days of use. When spending time away from civilization, you’ll find it hard to run to the store for additional batteries, which is why you should keep a supply of Voniko AAA bulk batteries available for use in a pinch.

Many people spend weeks at a time ‘roughing it.’ They feel confident doing so because of the access they have to battery-powered items such as handheld walkie talkies, high-powered flashlights, tent fans for better ventilation, and various trackers made for outdoor safety. It’s easy to spend more time away from home when you know your immediate needs are being taken care of by the devices you’ve decided to take with you while you camp, hike, and explore nature.

During the Holidays

A lot of holiday décor runs on batteries. You’ll find that anything that lights up requires fresh AAs or AAAs.  If you’re the type of person who likes to decorate the interior or exterior of your home, you’ll want to make sure that you’re never without batteries because no one will see your handiwork in the dark otherwise.

Children’s toys require batteries. From handheld gaming systems to robots that move on their own, you’re going to need fresh cells. How many times were you a recipient of a gift that needed batteries, and someone forgot to buy them?

Rather than delay the fun for the kids, make sure that you have double-A bulk batteries available on Christmas Day.  As the children tear open their gifts, you can be getting them ready for use. Some battery panels require a screwdriver to open, so it’s best if you assist the child in the process.

Voniko Batteries - Power That Goes With You

Power That Goes With You

Batteries shape our day-to-day experiences without us even realizing it. They provide convenience and security by simplifying our lives and providing us with access to life-changing tools. Before we step foot into our homes, workplaces, or even outdoors, it’s safe to say that we should check our current stock of batteries to make sure that we have an ample supply to meet our needs.

In a world that commands more out of us as people and more time out of our schedules, it only makes sense that we invest in the tools and technologies that make our lives more efficient. Thanks to Voniko batteries, we have the power needed to address our busy lifestyles and do so in ways that feel natural and comfortable to us. Having access to a product that has a shelf life of up to ten years means that you can stock up on bulk batteries at any given time and never be without them during your time of need.

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